The Dark and Light Side of Myself

The inner workings of a 20 some year old over active mind.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My one and only

So its been about 3 weeks since i visited my love, and now she is going through some of the hardest times in her life, things that make her question herself among other things, but I am not there atm and it is very hard on her that I am not but I am able to do things for her should the need arise she need my help but its hard to get that point across at 2200miles away.

But I have been working on my A+ certification that could air me a job in her area fairly quickly once I obtain it, I have been working on it increasingly faster as it is mostly things I know, but I do get stumped on things here and there (mostly the technical terms) and I think I could have this done by the end of next month, if that is the case, I am going to start looking into moving into the area as soon as possible.
My biggest problem is I don't know whether I should be looking for a house or an apartment, and do I buy or rent? It will be my first home of my own and my credit is basically on a complete even, not amazing but not bad.
Any ideas on which I should go after first?

Friday, October 2, 2009


So today has been one of those up and down days, sometimes it happens, but we are getting through it, the woman I love more than the world is a bit scared of things, but then again I am afraid of losing such a wonderful woman in my life so we both have our fears.

Well I am planning on going to GA for a visit and to show her how much she means to me and everything as well as to check on a lease for an apartment and to check out the houses in the area, and finally to see my 2 wonderful little girls that have been asking to meet me for awhile now.
She is scared though, for good reason of course, her past leads her to believe she isn't good enough and that I will leave (I would never leave her though).
I will be staying with her and everything, I just want to show her my love, so like what now are there any particular words she wants to hear? anything particular she wants to do? or should i just be myself through and through and hope she continues to love me?
I am always afraid I am going to screw up as I am sure people have noticed now hah

Well enough of my ramblings for today, I will hit it back later!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The First Post!

So I am new to this, writing out my thoughts has always been somewhat hard to do at times so it may take some time or I could end up just jumping right into it, who knows lol

I am looking forward to it though, you never know what things you can think of if you look at your own thoughts.